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Name:J. Gomez
Birthdate:Jan 28
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States of America

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*fapfapfap*, adrian grenier's a sasquatch, ape conspiracy theories, assimilation, bueller? bueller?, cantinflas promoting literacy, carlos the dwarf, cephalopods, chuck klosterman, claudia-jean cregg, comic books, crushing your head, daniel desario is dreamy, david + darlene, dj lance rock, doctor manhattan's wang, doctor what, fall out dude, fangs up!, fatty dan dreiberg, gay robot, heidi montag is jesus, homoeroticism, if you seek amy, jerri blank, loitering and vandalism, never mind my buzzcocks, nu wave, oki dogs, panda saviors, pete wentz's stupid face, pinatas, pop culture, pornography, queers, scotland or whatever, scowling, serial killers, simon 'annoying git' amstell, sleeping, spitting, squidbillies, sweet transvestites, tennessee williams, thug life, tobias funke, voldemort, who the fuck is john simm?, wizard people, wolf shirts, wonder twin powers activate, wyld stallyns, you blockhead
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