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Five fucks Jimmy remembers in particular
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Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The following events are entirely fictional.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] anon_lovefest, and a Jimmy prompt.

Five instances of weird, skeevy and final sex that Jimmy's experienced throughout his life. (Jimmy Urine/OMCs, Jimmy Urine/Gerard Way)

1. Jimmy lost his ass-virginity when he was 15. The guy he let fuck him was an older, slightly effete man named Todd, who had a propensity for hanging around the hallway in his briefs and satin robe. He’d wait in his doorway for Jimmy to get home and leer at him as he walked past. It was just so ridiculous, Jimmy could barely jerk off to the guy without cackling to himself. (He would, though; jerk off, that is. He’d do it thinking about sucking his cock; dropping down to his knees on the dirty linoleum of his kitchen and swallowing the guy’s dick into his mouth, weird taste and smell and however else it was. Jimmy thought about that all the time.)

That went on for months. Then one day, Todd lisps softly from his door, “I have some shit in here, if you want some.” Jimmy shrugs and follows him inside. He doesn’t take the indistinct pills he’s handed, but fakes haziness when Todd starts to palm his crotch.

It happens quick. Jimmy’s pants are pulled off, along with his shirt and boxers. When Todd presses his fingers into Jimmy’s mouth, he tries not to concentrate on the stale taste of his skin or think about his calloused fingertips, just swirls his tongue around them and moans like he thinks Todd will like.

The fingers in his ass hurt, but it’s nothing Jimmy’s not used to or hasn’t done to himself. The stinging is welcome even, sort of. Todd’s cock, though, hurt and hurt when it was pressed into him and it felt almost like he was being torn in half. Jimmy didn’t get any less hard, though. His cock still rested heavy against his stomach, leaking. Todd eventually grabbed it by the length and stroked in time with his sharp thrusts.

Jimmy came quickly after that, spurting jizz all over the ratty couch cushion. And when Todd came, it stung bad, but he still reveled in the feeling of his cock twitching inside him.

Todd didn’t use a condom that time, and Jimmy’s glad he didn’t get AIDS or anything.

2. A couple weeks after that, he fucks a 14 year-old freshman named Edward in an alley outside a Dunkin Donuts. For a few minutes after he gets his dick in, Edward looks like he’s going to cry and it makes Jimmy feel like shit. In the end, though, Edward does come, so Jimmy doesn’t feel that bad about it.

3. This kid named Darnell Williams is his best friend when he’s seventeen. His older brother Stephen is the second guy to fuck him since the creep from his building did a couple years earlier.

Jimmy’s told to keep his hands against the wall and his feet spread apart, so he does, while Stephen stands behind him alternating between fingering his asshole and biting the back of his neck. He wants to moan or scream or something, but Darnell and the rest of the family is in the next room and Stephen said he would kill him if anyone found out. It’s hot and scary, so Jimmy keeps quiet.

“What a faggot,” Stephen whispers hotly into his ear, thrusting his fingers in roughly. Jimmy almost bites through his lip. “I knew it, I knew it. Since you first walked in here, looking like you wanted to jump my cock.”

It’s not true, at all. Whenever he had come over, Darnell and him would hide out in his room and talk about the Son of Sam and Jeffrey Dahmer, while the fan blew hot air at them. Stephen was just a shadowy figure lurking around the apartment that he was barely aware of.

He nods anyway, though, despite all that, and whispers back, “Yeah, yes. I want your cock, fuck me.”

Stephen reaches down and spreads him, hard fingers digging into the soft flesh. The head of Stephen’s cock is blunt when he starts to enter him, and it burns like he expected. Still Jimmy presses back against Stephen, and keens for more contact.

“Faggot,” Stephen says to him, and thrusts in sharply and suddenly. Jimmy’s hands scramble along the wall, trying to reach for something so he doesn’t cry out. Again he says, “Faggot. Faggot.”

At one particular sharp thrust, Stephen hits something inside of Jimmy and it’s so sudden and good, like he’s never felt before. Jimmy thunks his head against the wall and breathes shallowly, gritting his teeth.

Stephen slaps his hip and presses forehead to the back of Jimmy’s neck. “Faggot,” he whimpers, “Take it, take it.”

“Yes,” Jimmy inhales and comes on the wall.

4. He fucks Gerard Way hard and fast the first time MCR opens up for them. It’s just that he’s so earnest and sincere, and it’s fucking hilarious. Jimmy can hardly believe a guy like this exists, that someone didn’t just run him over in a fit years ago. Plus, back then, Gerard was still on the sauce and whatever else he got his hands on, and Jimmy was never one to squander opportunities.

Jimmy corralled him back to the bus, bent him over on the couch and pressed his cock in, not bothering to prep him. It hurt, of course; Gerard had cried out softly and grabbed at the cushions. But Jimmy tried not to get distracted by that and did his best to concentrate on his rhythmic in-and-out thrusting. It didn’t last long, Gerard was too tight, his keening was too high and, well, Jimmy may have taken something himself.

Gerard doesn’t seem to remember it, though, so when he and Lindsay start dating, Jimmy doesn’t bring it up at all. Linds’ll get that pinched look on her face that shows up whenever Jimmy does something that honestly bothers her. And then everything’ll go to hell.

5. The thing with Chantal was shaping up to be something pretty serious. They were talking most days and Jimmy didn’t hate her completely, and it was apparently obvious enough that the guys were talking stupid shit about how in love he was and how they were going to get married and be Mr. and Mrs. Urine.

Saying things like that, it was practically a challenge. And Jimmy’s never been known to back down, no matter what he’s risking.

After the show that night, he picks up some young kid who looks maybe sixteen. He told Jimmy his name, but he doesn’t remember. It was short and normal and too average for a boy wearing a fishnet undershirt and eye shadow.

The kid is pale, like he spends all his time in a basement or in front of a computer screen instead of outside in the sun. Jimmy bites at his sharp hip bone that juts out over the waist of his pants, while his hands fumble with the belt and zipper. Whatever his name is, he gasps and arches, and grips hard at Jimmy’s shoulders so that there will probably be marks there later on.

Once he yanks the kid’s pants down, his cock bobs up in front of him, dark and beaded with precome, so Jimmy leans forward and laps at the head. He’s making noises like a little boy, and it’s weird enough that Jimmy’s starting to get uncomfortably hard in his jeans.

When they finally fuck, the kid doesn’t drug him or cry or call him a faggot, or anything. Jimmy even prepped him a little. It’s just normal, average sex—Jimmy rolling his hips in long, deep thrusts and the kid moaning because it’s the first time anyone’s ever done something like that. His hand on the kid’s cock, he thumbs the tip and strokes, and bites not too hard at his throat. Finally, with his hair flopped in his face, he looks up at Jimmy with wide eyes and comes all over his own stomach.

That’s the last guy he fucks because a week later, Chantal tells him she doesn’t care that he smells or that all his fans will make fun of her, she wants to try something, and does he feel the same? Jimmy does.

AN: I don't know. I saw this prompt and remembered how displeased I was with the MSI fic out there. And like, at some point while I was writing this, it became less about the porn and more a character analysis. Jimmy's a pretty epic character to write, if you didn't know.

Anyway, please comment! That would be nice.
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